How long does it take to learn japanese if you already know 3 langues?

December 29, 2008 by admin · 9 Comments 

I really wants to learn japanese but I already speak polish, norwegian and english fluently and I wonder how long would it take to learn japanese at a good communication level so I could make a conversation with japanese people and I would know the writing part as well. Do you think that 2years of home learning + 1 year student exchange in tokio would be enought to speak fluently ?

Hmmm.. If you are very good with languages then you have a fair shot at becoming fluent yes. But maybe not in 3 years. Consider a further year student exchange and I’d think you’d be pretty close to it then.

Good luck

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Learn Japanese: Mary had a little lamb in Japanese

November 5, 2008 by admin · 25 Comments 

MP3 and Translation at:

Here’s a Japanese song you can learn in 10 minutes. It’s bound to impress your friends!

There are also lots of really useful Japanese phrases in there, for example:

の = no = which means ‘s. For example Madonna’s CD is “Madonna no CD” in Japanese.

All the other words are explained on the page at:

There’s also the mp3 version to buy and listen toon your ipod everyday ( to get it stuck in your head, and to support us making more videos!), and a poster for your wall!


Be genki,

Duration : 0:0:46

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