Learn Japanese Course – Nihongo

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The Learn Japanese Nihongo Course claims at teaching practical japanese. It consists of 3 main parts:

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What does Nihongo mean? Nihongo simply means Japanese Language


Learn Japanese Textbook

Learn Japanese Textbook

The learn  japanese textbook consist of nice graphics making it easier to get through. The entire japanese texbook consists of 200 pages: 10 japanese lessons and 10 kanji flash card classes. Click here to see more examples from the learn japanese textbook.


Learn Japanese Audio Lessons

Learn Japanese Audio Lessons

The audio course is crucial , it consists of native japanese recordings. There are about 20 Japanese audio files. This supplements the textbook with conversational phrases. Each file can be around four to ten minutes totalling over three and a half hours of japanese lesson material. Click Here to see hear a lesson.

Learn Japanese VideoLearn Japanese Video

3)  Lastly the course has a set of japanese video lessons. Click Here! for a sample.

All in all its a nice structured course to graps the basics of the japanese language.