Where is the best website to learn Japanese online?

December 29, 2008 by admin · 3 Comments 

I wanted to learn Japanese online, but don't know where to start, I'm wondering if anyone could tell me which website out there is the best for me to learn Japanese from.

♡That's a good question and one that gets asked often. Most of the sites given for that question are listed for you below. Try the first one listed, it seems to be a good starter site. But you have to check them all and decide for yourself. We all learn differently, what may be right for me, may not work for you. I personally learned from native speakers when I came to Japan. It was the best way for me to get natural speaking and correct pronunciation right. Good luck learning Japanese, I hope this helps! Please visit Japan too, if you have a chance.♡

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additionally try this course

What is the best way for me to learn Japanese?

December 29, 2008 by admin · 6 Comments 

I would like to learn to speak, read and write Japanese and I’m wondering where I would start off.
I don’t want to pay huge amounts of money for software like Rosetta Stone but I’d be willing to pay some money for books and/or software.
I come from the UK so it has to be accessible to me and since I know no Japanese at the moment it has to be for a complete beginner.
And please no things for tourists, I’m looking to learn the language and not just some simple tourist-y phrases.

Everyone’s opinion sounds reasonable to me, but if I were you, I would start off with Araújo’s idea. As Freelancer said, Japanese literature is extremely complicated. It’s actually that not hard to run into a Japanese adult that can’t write proper Japanese…

I was speaking to my old college mate who is now in Japan & studying Japanese, but we came to the conclusion that you might be able to master 2~3 different European languages by the time you master Japanese.

Jumping to the conclusion, learning how to speak is the best way to go. You would get sick of it if you start with learning how to read & write. In order to do that, it’s the best make a friend with a Japanese person who can kinda speak English.

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Some Advice When Learning to Speak Japanese

December 19, 2008 by admin · 9 Comments 

You may need to learn the Japanese language because you are traveling to Japan and want to become familiar with popular Japanese words and phrases. Or you might have taken a class to learn Japanese years before and are now looking for a refresher course. Perhaps you have a great interest in learning to speak Japanese simply because you love the Japanese language.

Whatever the reasons you desire to learn to speak Japanese, you will want to be sure to keep the following advice in mind.

There are many aspects of the Japanese language that you might be considering learning. If you are interested in learning essential Japanese words and phrases to get through a few conversations with those who speak Japanese fluently, then beginning with the basics is the best place to start.

Learn popular words and phrases such as “hello”, “how are you?” and “thank you” first. Then practice using them in your daily conversations with those who speak Japanese. If you do not know anyone who speaks Japanese, keep practicing and speaking your words and phrases daily anyway – practice makes perfect.

If you want to learn Japanese so that you can better understand Japanese etiquette and culture, it is probably best to immerse yourself in conversational Japanese language studies. Learning Japanese this way can be beneficial because you will understand the body language, intonation and communication styles of those who speak Japanese fluently.

Listen to conversational audio, observe fluent speakers interacting with each other, and even try to watch and comprehend Japanese news or other real-life Japanese shows on TV. When listening to others speak Japanese, you still want to try to pick up on basic Japanese words and phrases. However, in learning conversational Japanese, it would be to your advantage to focus on situational phrases and even Japanese slang or expressions as well.

Understanding and using these types of colloquialisms is what helps you to become fluent in the Japanese language. Instead of focusing on basic phrases like “hello” and “good morning”, you will want to focus on how to begin interactions by asking questions like “what is your name?” or “what do you do for a living?”. Japanese etiquette plays a role in conversation, so take notice of the phrases and intonations that younger people use when speaking to their elders or that employees use to speak to their superiors.

It can be very difficult learning a new language. You want to try your best to stay motivated. When learning the Japanese language, you are not only learning to speak new words, you are also learning to read and interpret a different type of writing. Languages such as French and Spanish contain the same letters as the English language, but used in slightly different ways. The Japanese language will be a totally new way of reading and writing for you.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes with reading, writing or speaking Japanese, instead try to learn from your mistakes. Record yourself while you practice speaking Japanese so that you are aware of your mistakes in pronunciation and intonation. Being able to identify your weaknesses as you learn Japanese is the best way to improve.

How to Use the Right Japanese Words for Cooking

September 26, 2008 by admin · 7 Comments 

How To Use The Right Japanese Words For Cooking

Japanese has many kinds of cooking style and each method has it’s own unique way of cooking the food. Learn how to distinguish the differences between these cooking methods in Japanese can be very useful for learning Japanese cooking recipes.

Let’s start with the most basic way of cooking and that’s to boil. The Japanese verb for boiling something in Japanese is waku. Waku means to cook something using water.

Ane wa ima oyu wo waite imasu.
My sister is boiling hot water now.

Kono niku wo sanjikan waku to, yawaraku narimasu.
If you boil this meat for 3 hours, it will become soft.

Oyu mo wakasenai, anta ittai dou yatte ryouri suru no?
You can’t even boil hot water, how on earth are you going to cook?

The most popular and the healthiest way to cook is to steam your food. To steam your food you need to place your food over boiling water and close it with a lid (the steam or hot air will cook your food). The Japanese word for steaming is musu.

Watashi wa mushi buta ga daisuki!
I love steam pork.

Tamago ha butaniku to isshoni musu to, sugoku oishiku narimasu yo.
If you steam the eggs together with the pork, it will be super delicious.

One of the most easiest way to cook is to fry your food. You will need abura (oil) to fry any food. The Japanese verb for frying is ageru.

Kono butaniku no agekata wo watashi ni oshiete kurenai?
Can you teach me how to fry this pork.

Watashi wa tabemono wo ageru yori, masu no hou ga kenkou teki to omoimasu.
I think it’s healthier to steam your food than to fry them.

Toufu wa sonna fuu ni ageru to, mazuku natte shimau zo.
If you fry the toufu that way, it will become horrible.

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My dad told me that japanese is a useless language and i should learn spanish instead, do you agree?

July 19, 2008 by admin · 17 Comments 

I am really interested in learning japanese because i love manga and anime and it looks like a really cool language to learn but my dad says i should learn spanish instead because it’s more usefull but i hate spanish. What do you think i should do? And please don’t say whatever i want because that’s not the answer im looking for.

When deciding on a foreign language, ask yourself which one you're most interested in learning, NOT which is most useful. If you're not interested in learning it, it's unlikely you'll ever reach a reasonable competence in the language. Since you're really interested in Japanese, you can definitely become competent, despite the fact that it's know to be a lot more difficult for a native English speaker than Spanish is.

It certainly isn't a useless language, and could easily get you a job involving Japanese.
BTW, about 130 Million people speak Japanese.

It's true that you'll have to learn a completely new writing system with an incredible abundance of complex characters-but perseverance brings reward!

So just forget about what you're dad says and have fun learning and using Japanese!!!
And who knows…you may end up living in Japan one day! =)

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Speak More Japanese PC Software

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Speak More Japanese PC Software

Speak More Japanese PC Software Learn Essential Words and Phrases in a Flash! With SpeakMore Japanese, you are just four simple step away from thousands of words in Japanese!

Learn Japanese from anime in only 5 minutes a day!! (not)

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Article found here:


This is YOUR chance! Learn Japanese from anime with only 5 minutes a day! You TOO can be come fluent, thanks to Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece!

Just kidding; sucks for you.

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How to Accelerate Your Japanese Learning

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What the top minds in language learning and acquisition are saying about improving your ability to learn Japanese.

Duration : 2 min 26 sec

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Let's Learn Japanese Basic 04 – Where is it?

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Learning Japanese has never been easier! There are 52 episodes (2 seasons) so look out while I upload them! Just so you know these were made back in the 80's.

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